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Belgian Outdoor Luxury

Over a period of almost 30 years, Royal Botania, has earned an acclaimed reputation for creating a refined, diverse choice of luxury outdoor collections, making this Belgian family business a prime player in the top league of the outdoor market.

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Royal Designs

Royal Botania designs iconic, luxury outdoor furniture for discerning clientele.

To those who have experienced the passion for finesse, the ordinary will no longer appeal.
Willem Elsschot

Outdoor lighting

Why do discerning people choose Royal Botania? There are 3 main reasons: quality, harmony and design. With the range of lighting options from Royal Botania, you can make your statement with an aesthetic that speaks for you.

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Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Luxury outdoor furniture from Royal Botania stands out because of its quality and design.

It allows you to enjoy special moments of tranquility, connection and pleasure. Enjoy the good life outdoors together with family and friends in comfort, with our high-end outdoor furniture.

You can find a vast choice of luxury outdoor furniture on our website: whether it’s an outdoor table, Chairs, Lounge sets, Sun loungers, Hammocks, Benches or Other, you’ll find just what you like in our wide range of materials and colors. Find the design you are looking for, in the high-end quality you deserve.

Our outdoor furniture looks great, but you’ll find that the quality is exquisite, and that’s essential in outdoor furniture: it has to be able to withstand exposure to the natural elements. Changes in temperature can cause materials to expand and contract, so our high-end outdoor furniture is designed and treated so that it will not crack or lose colour as the years go by. Royal Botania uses only the highest quality materials, like high-quality hardwoods and metals with powder-coasting, so they are made to last and avoid wear and tear. Our high-tech solution-dyed textiles are sustainable and colorfast.

A barbecue with friends, a family dinner or afternoon at the poolside, apero time with colleagues, you want to do it in style. At Royal Botania, we are convinced that the best place to enjoy precious moments together with the people we love, is outdoors under the energising sun. With our luxurious outdoor furniture, you’ll be inspired and delighted and so will be your guests.

Our priority is to provide pieces that are true to your style.

Whether that’s is traditional or modern, sleek or a little more decorative, discover the premium outdoor furniture that fits your home. Royal Botania creates outdoor furniture, with excellent quality and a strong personality that makes each product unique, but at the same time recognizable. This makes it easy for you to mix and match different pieces of furniture from our collection.

Would you like to visualize different ways to reflect style and personality through gorgeous outdoor Royal Botania furniture? No problem: our Inspiration boards will spark your imagination Whether you’re inspired by a patio full of wood, rugged lines and warm colors, or seeking a sleek minimalist terrace filled with space and light? Do you want simple and classic, or refined and elegant? You’ll find what you love at Royal Botania’s outdoor furniture

At Royal Botania we’re all about ‘The Art of Outdoor Living’. Today these outdoor moments of happiness and bliss together are more precious than ever. That’s why we keep on working hard for you, to assure that you can go on living the good life outdoors.