Desert Dreaming

Picture golden sands, an endless rolling vista swept clean of all but the faintest glimmers of life. A dry, hot breeze caresses your skin as you divest yourself – empty – of life’s troubles to embrace the purity and serenity of the desert. Imagine the tinkling of bells, the trickle of a secret spring – water –the desert’s most precious treasure.

The desert is an invitation to awaken to the peace within, to ease into a Zen state of mind. The gentle, lilting lines of dunes, the sinuous curves of stacked boulders, eroded to perfection by the cuts of a hundred million drifting grains of sand, evoke an enigmatic sense of abundance. It’s a richness that beautifully contrasts with the unadorned simplicity of Mother Earth’s arid stretches.

Lush Living – your oasis amid austere beauty

Sinuous organic shapes and curves flowing in sinuous lines are reminiscent of undulating rivers, babbling brooks, and the gentle curve of a silent stream. They beckon you to leave the world behind, rediscover your centre, and cocoon in absolute comfort – Royal Botania’s Organix luxury lounge is the oasis you run to when it’s time to rejuvenate mind and body. 

The gentle fluidity of each piece, available in a variety of muted earth tones and natural textures, allows you to create a sumptuous desert retreat in the simplicity of your back garden.

Styletto – Simplicity at its finest

Before you pitch your tent for a meal on a bed of rough, handwoven rugs – Bedouin-style – Royal Botania would like to introduce its new 2022 Styletto Collection. Featuring elegant tables and chairs adorned with clean lines and full, feminine curves, this stylish set can’t help but conjure the clinking of champagne glasses, sumptuous meals, and candlelit conversations at dusk.

Drape your legs casually over the edge of the stylish sun lounger with the sun high on the horizon or quietly meditate from the spartan yet seductively soft sofa. Styletto is the comfort and elegance of indoor living to be enjoyed outdoors in a garden oasis of your making.

Royal Botania’s new collection reflects the austere aesthetic of the desert while delivering on the polish you’ve come to expect of high-end outdoor furniture. Available in six frame colours and 70 different fabrics, with seats in aluminium or luxury upholstery, this is dining, meeting, or simply a space to pause and reflect in style – your style.

There’s nothing you can’t do with Royal Botania’s latest full, luxury outdoor garden furniture range.

Desert dreams are calling

Royal Botania invites you to unwind, let go, and indulge with its outdoor luxury furniture lines – Organix and Styletto. Because there’s nothing quite like having your own personal oasis, replete with design dining and opulent outdoor lounges –  to remind you of the good life.

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